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November 2018

Great news: We are growing

ISL Applications GmbH becomes akquinet port consulting GmbH

ISL Applications recently joined the akquinet group in Hamburg. As a new AKQUINET subsidiary named akquinet port consulting GmbH we stay based in our head office in Bremerhaven and get two offices in Bremen and Hamburg. The idea is to get more manpower, to bundle know-how as well as to expand our services for ports and container terminals worldwide. Managing directors of the akquinet port consulting GmbH are Norbert Klettner and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Schuett.

Of course our CHESSCON software stays the main tool to secure and optimise the operation of container terminals and ports worldwide in a wide range of applications

  • optimising operational processes
  • test-beds and training environments for TOS
  • planning green and brownfield terminals
  • evaluation of handling strategies
  • visualising yard inventory in 3D
  • supporting shift planning
  • and many more!


Founders (from the left): Horst-Dieter Kassl, Norbert Klettner, Till Vieregge (board member AKQUINET) und Prof. Dr. Holger Schütt (Picture: Akquinet AG)

July 2018

CHESSCON Capacity training - Tongmyong University visited ISL Applications

Tongmyong University from South Korea visited ISL Applications in Bremerhaven to learn how to work with CHESSCON Capacity. Also some people from our Partner Total Soft Bank Ltd. joined the training to gain the ability to support the Tongmyong University on site. Thank you very much for visiting us and being very motivated and interested in learning CHESSCON Capacity.

Great dinner evening in Bremerhaven's "Strandhalle": 

June 2018

TOC Europe in Rotterdam*

The ISL Applications Team thanks all visitors of our booth for a great exhibition in Rotterdam. Also many thanks to PORTSTRATEGY for interviewing our CEO Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Schütt:  

Technology, organisation, people: that’s the magic triangle that needs to be balanced for successful port operations, according to ISL Applications chief executive Holger Schütt.

For automation, he said the industry is not yet in the position to implement fully-automated terminals without any humans. “At the moment, humans make the decisions on a strategic level, and it will take a lot of time until artificial intelligence (AI) takes over this.

“Until then, we have to support the humans, the planners, with specific information. At the moment, we need human intelligence. Artificial intelligence is, well, artificial.”

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March 2018

ISL Applications' next step in Asia (Korea, Busan)

ISL Applications GmbH and the CK-I ICT Port & Logistics Convergence Project of TongMyung University as well as Total Soft Bank will establish a linkage between industry and academia. The parties plan to establish an Asian education center and providing education in port logistics.
Base of this cooperation are the CHESSCON products for terminal simulation. During the first training provided the parties celebrated the MOU.

January 2018

We wish all partners, customers and friends the best for 2018.

Thank you for all the good wishes.

November 2017

Project "PTOP – Policy-based Terminal Operations Planning"

After successfully finishing the international project "simulation-based Online Evaluation Engine for Container Terminal Operating System (SimTOS)" we continue the collobaration with Pusan National University, University of Bremen and Total Soft Bank with another project called "PTOP – Policy-based Terminal Operations Planning". PTOP is an international project to develop a software prototype of a simulation-based decision support system for policy-based terminal planning. Objective is to improve efficiency and effectiveness of container terminal operations using a new simulation-based forecasting tool that supports a human decision maker.

July 2017 

Congratulations to a very smooth upgrade from Navis Sparcs 3.7 to N4 this spring:
North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven

The expert team (NTB and Navis) prepared the change in an excellent way – using CHESSCON Virtual Terminal for stress testing under laboratory conditions before going live.

June 2017

TOC Europe 2017 in Amsterdam

We look back on a successful and informative TOC Europe 2017 in Amsterdam. It is great to meet all customers and partners every year on this special event and to have a lot of interesting discussions and exchanges with exhibition visitors.
The CHESSCON-Team thanks you all for visiting our booth! 

March 2017

8th Integrated Port Equipment Seminar, Hilton, Rotterdam

ISL Applications was part of the IPE team, which organised the 8th Integrated Port Equipment Seminar in Rotterdam. It was a very interesting event with wide-ranging presentations and networking in a personal and pleasant atmosphere. We look forward to more events of this kind.


February 2017

We thank our clients and partners for a successful 2016 with a lot of interesting projects all over the world (see map with some references).

We are looking forward to intensifying these cooperations and to inviting new organisations into our network.


December 2016

Concentrated knowledge leads to success

Lars Meurling, Vice President, Marketing, Bromma:

„The akquinet/ISL team has the necessary industry specific expertise and was able to narrow down our initially rather open-ended requirements quickly and in a focussed manner. Thanks to their experience with machine control projects and good project management, akquinet implemented the AMS within the schedule and on budget, to our complete satisfaction. The application is easy to operate and runs very safely. With the aid of this application we will be able to further expand our leading position for ALPs.“

Read here the whole success story about:

"An important step for Automated Container Handling - AMS (Automatic Lashing Platform Management System)"

June 2016

TOC 2016 in Hamburg, Germany - Excellent exhibition

This year Hamburg was choosen as location for the TOC Europe which is close to our company location in Bremerhaven. As well as last year in Rotterdam a lot of international visitors travelled to Germany and brought a lot of interest and openness for professional discussions.   

We would like to thank all our visitors and all exhibitors for a great atmosphere and a successful event!

May 2016

Bromma orders AOS

ISL Application and its partner akquinet business consulting GmbH got the order form Bromma to develop an ALP Management System (AMS) to control the Automated Lashing Platforms working on one terminal. The first business case will be the greenfield VICT in Melbourne, which was just published by Bromma last week. The project is the second step in a long termed cooperation between Bromma and ISL Applications after developing an AOS-Prototype and ALP simulation some time ago.

June 2015

TOC Europe 2015 was a successful event

TOC Europe in Rotterdam was a successful exhibition with a rush of visitors with a great interest of simulation, container terminal optimisation and TOS testing topics. Thank you very much for all the absorbing and open-minded conversations and we would be pleased about a further contact to all of our visitors at our booth.

April 2015

ISL Port Executive Forum in Dubai was a great success

We had several individual sessions with delegations from large and medium sized container terminals, port consultants and TOS suppliers at the Sofitel Downtown Dubai to present the CHESSCON family of terminal simulation tools. Our partner Mr. Holger Schuett from ISL Applications in Germany shared advise from his many years experience and gave examples from other successful projects they have completed before.We had several individual sessions with delegations from large and medium sized container terminals, port consultants and TOS suppliers at the Sofitel Downtown Dubai to present the CHESSCON family of terminal simulation tools. Our partner Mr. Holger Schuett from ISL Applications in Germany shared advise from his many years experience and gave examples from other successful projects they have completed before.


November 2014

ISL Applications meets PSA in Singapore for a successful training CHESSCON Simulation and Capacity

Many thanks to the team of PSA for the warm welcome and great training sessions. We are convinced that the project will be a success and CHESSCON Simulation and Capacity will support PSA terminals in a positive and constructive manner also in future. 

June 2014

TOC Europe 2014 in London including a day trip to the DP World London Gateway

February 2014

Training for partners and friends in Bremerhaven/Germany

CTO Horst-Dieter Kassl and CEO Holger Schuett of the ISL Applications GmbH presented imparted knowledge to 9 participants about the general structure and functionality of the CHESSCON software. In a three-day training the participants learned how to work with the CHESSCON Manager, draw layouts for CHESSCON Capacity and Simulation and also learned how to operate with these tools by solving clearly represented exercises. 

A common dinner with presenters and participants completed the very informative and communicative training. We look forward to a continuing good coorperation.

Happy New Year !
January 2014

ISL Applications wishes the best for 2014 to all customers, partners, friends and followers worldwide.
We'd like to thank you for your cooperation, your ideas and your remarks. We hope to meet you again soon during one of the events where we'll participate. The first opportunity will be the partner training in Bremerhaven, taking place at February 1st-3rd.

NTB and ISL Applications and will fine-tune CHESSCON Shift Preview
December 2013

North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven (NTB) and ISL Applications will define and fine-tune the Shift Preview module as the newest member of the CHESSCON family. BIS (Bremerhaven Economic Development Company) has approved the project and will provide financial support. 
CHESSCON Shift Preview is based on the Virtual Terminal technology, i.e. directly connected to the TOS.  It will directly import the current planning state of the next shift, will simulate the handling and will show bottlenecks as well as underutilisations within seconds.
Thus the terminal planner will get into the position to act pro-active, instead of re-acting to bottlenecks which already occured.

ISL Applications presents its concept for the NGCP Challenge
August 2013

ISL Applications will participate a LOGMS 2013 workshop in Singapore, where some of the concepts participating the Next Generation Container Port challange will be presented.

ISL Applications worked within the "Singapore Power Port Made In Germany (SPP MiG)" group, who developed a new concept for transhipment hubs based on existing technologies. Ask ISL Applications CEO Holger Schuett for providing more details or visit the LOGMS conference.

ISL to launch CHESSCON YardView at TOC Europe
April 2013

ISL Applications will launch a new CHESSCON module, called Yard View, at this year’s TOC Europe

The new product represents the next generation of “interactive evaluation of the current state of the yard”, said ISL Managing Director Holger Schuett, including flexible filters to define special views of containers in the yard, marking them by different colors and providing users with the chance to go into full details for each individual box.
Meet ISL Applications at stand D92 (and schedule a meeting to get individual support on CHESSCON)

7th Philpinne Ports & Shipping 2013 in Manila
January 2013

ISL Applications GmbH successly participated the conference, managed by Transport Events. During the grand opening of the exhibition ISL Applications' CEO Holger Schuett met the Honourable Joseph Emilio Aguinaldo Abaya, Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communications of the Philipinnes as well as Juan C. Sta. Ana, General Manager of Philippine Ports Authority.

Successful training for European ICTSI terminals
November 2012

Within a one week training some 13 participants from various ICTSI European container terminals learned about the usage of CHESSCON Capacity, CHESSCON Simulation and CHESSCON Virtual Terminal. Particpants came from Croatia, Georgia and Poland. Within a competition they improved the productivity of a test terminal while balancing this value with the costs per move.

New Cooperation with PARAGON/Brazil
September 2012
PARAGON Tecnologia Ltda, placed in Sao Paulo, Brazil and ISL Applications GmbH signed up for partnership regarding the CHESSCON products. Both partners are working in the field of simulation based decision science for more than 20 years. With this partnership PARAGON  recognises the high quality of the CHESSCON products. ISL Applications is proud to become PARAGON's partner, as they acknowledge PARAGON's success in providing simulation based services. Both partners are sure of providing best services to their clients in the container terminal branch by combining high quality products with premium local support.

Successful training for ICTSI in South America
July 2012

ISL Applications provided the first training for the ICTSI group. The training took place in Buenos Aires with some 20 participants. Besides the greenfield terminals from Argentina, Mexico and Colombia also two existing ones from Brazil and Ecuador participated in the training. The participants got an overview about simulation technology and built first models of their terminals. A second training will stabilise the usage and give some additional hints.


New Cooperations with SimPlan/Dubai and akquinet business consulting GmbH
July 2012
Two new partners signed their collaboration agreements with ISL Applications:
SimPlan Dubai services already the emerging markets in the Middle East, Africa and Southern Asia with simulation expertise. Now SimPlan Dubai will additionally use the CHESSCON products to enhance the portfolio for ports and terminals.
Akquinet business consulting GmbH is already partner within RBS EMEA. Additionally they'll use the CHESSCON products within their terminal orientated quality management projects.

ICTSI decides for ISL APPLICATIONS' Simulation Tools
June 2012

ICTSI  chose ISL's simulation products CHESSCON Capacity,  Simulation and Virtual Terminal to support the planning, installation, start-up and operation of ICTSI's greenfield projects in Argentina, Mexico and Columbia. Besides the software licenses ISL Applications will provide training, customisation and maintenance services. Thus ICTSI will be brought into the position to use CHESSCON inhouse to optimize the operation of their container terminals during their whole lifecycle.
ICTSI is the next terminal operator using CHESSCON products inhouse, as Eurogate/Germany, Transnet/South Africa and Portek/Singapore are already doing so for years.

ISL Application organises TOC Europe session
April 2012
ISL Applications and partners are organising the "Free Seminar" session Optimising Terminal Processes: Virtual Terminals & Live Operation at TOC Europe in Antwerp this year.
Attend this workshop and hear our expert panel discuss the latest developments in simulation technology for terminal operations.
Speaker Panel:
Adrian A. Agazzi, Project Director Americas, ICTSI
Marco Fehmer, DSP General Manager, Partner of Contship Italia
Stefan Henke, Senior Consultant, RBS EMEA UG
Marcelo Matchulian, IT , TecPlata SA, an ICTSI Group Company
Holger Schütt, CEO, ISL Applications
Emma Yeon, Team Manager, Marketing & Sales, Total Soft Bank

New Cooperation with DSP/Switzerland
March 2012
DSP -data and system planning sa- and ISL Applications GmbH signed a cooperation agreement. DSP provides IT services for ports and shipping. Furthermore they are Navis Implementation Partner as well as partner of ContShip Italia. In this context CHESSCON Virtual Terminal will be the solution to support both customers needs. For more information please refer to our partner side.

Meet ISL Applications at TOC Asia in Hong Kong

February 2011
During PEMA's Technology Forum at TOC Asia in Hong Kong (March 13th)  ISL Applications GmbH/Germany will provide news about their CHESSCON Virtual Terminal software. Within a panel discussion together with Identec Solutions, Navis and Tideworks the state of the industry for "Appcation Software" will be stated. To schedule a meeting with ISL Applications' CEO Holger Schuett at booth A26 please contact him via

New Cooperation in Turkey
February 2012
LODAMASTER Depo ve Yükleme Teknolojileri San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. and ISL Applications GmbH signed a cooperation agreement. Lodamaster will market ISL Applications well known CHESSCON product family especially in the Southeast of Europe. Thus Lodamaster will support the container terminals in the region to optimise their operation to cope with the demands of a prosperous future.For more information please refer to our partner side.

New Cooperation regarding Offhore Wind Park Logistics
January 2012
Logistik Service Agentur Bremerhaven (LSA), Fraunhofer IFF Magdeburg and ISL Applications GmbH signed a cooperation agreement. All partners have developed a simulation based toolbox to evaluate various logistic strategies during the construction phase of Offshore Windparks. The prototype developed during some research projects will be used in commercial projects and will get product state soon.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our customers and partners
January 2012
ISL Applications GmbH is looking back at a very successful 2011, which has been its first full business year.
We would like to thank our partners for the support and good cooperation in 2011.
Furthermore we would like to thank our customers for their confidence in our tools and services.
In 2012 we look forward to working together with you in good partnership and approved reliability.

Total Soft Bank and ISL Applications prolong their Cooperation Agreement
December 2011
ISL Applications GmbH and Total Soft Bank Ltd. (TSB), a global leading port and maritime IT solution provider, prolong their collaboration agreement until end of 2012. Furthermore both parties agreed in a time schedule for developing the interface between TSB's CATOS and ISL Applications' CHESSCON Virtual Terminal. Thus their clients will be able to set up new VirtualTerminal projects within a very short period.

Hear ISL Applications' speech at 7th Trans Middle East in Abu Dhabi
October 2011
At 7th Trans Middle East ISL Applications GmbH/Germany will provide news about the CHESSCON Virtual Terminal software. ISL Applications' CEO Holger Schuett will chair the first session of the conference with very honourable speakers talking about their experience in the Middle East container handling. To schedule a meeting with Holger please contact him via

Read about ISL Applications' workshop at TOC Middle East
October 2011
ISL Applications' workshop has been a success, as you may read within Holly Birkett's BLOG.

Visit ISL Applications' workshop at TOC Middle East
August 2011
At TOC Container Supply Chain: Middle East, Portek IT & Automation/Singapore and ISL Applications GmbH/Germany will discuss in detail the use of virtual terminals to optimise terminal operations. ISL Applications will offer delegates an insight into the new approaches that will allow users to build up virtual terminals themselves, meaning that medium sized terminals will be able to effectively use these technologies. During the seminar on September 25th we will jointly present a number of case studies.


CHESSCON family in the category “Innovation IT of the Year”
August 2011
Last week, the shortlist for the Containerisation International Awards 2011 has been announced. These awards recognize those companies and individuals that, over the past year, have made an outstanding contribution to the container liner shipping and logistics industry, either through being innovative, proactive and pioneering. The ISL Applications GmbH is nominated with the terminal simulation product CHESSCON for the category Innovation IT of the year. (More:

June 2011

ISL Applications GmbH will launch the rebranding of ISL's worldwide known simulation tools to optimise terminal operation. In future they will be called

    • CHESSCON Capacity (CAPS),
    • CHESSCON Simulation (SCUSY) and
    • CHESSCON Virtual Terminal (ViTO)

ISL Applications' general manager and CEO Holger Schuett will give a detailed insight, how even medium sized terminals may use these technologies to optimise their container handling strategies (Innovation Forum, Tuesday 7th, 10:45h). Furthermore he will join PEMA's round table about new trends in Application Software (Innovation Forum, Tuesday 7th, 15:45 h).

May 2011

Portek IT & Automation Pte Ltd (PITA) and ISL Applications GmbH agree upon strengthening their cooperation that has been started in 2006. During a meeting PITA's CEO Yap Cheng Hua and ISL Applications' CEO Prof. Holger Schütt declared that this is the perfect date, as ISL APPlications' CHESSCON product family fits best to PITA's strategies. After this meeting Prof. Schütt gave a speech at the MTEC conference in Singapore about Optimised Terminal Processes via Simulation/Emulation.

March 2011

After successful demonstration of the functionality of ISL's simulation products CHESSCON Capacity and Simulation, South African Transnet Port Terminals (TPT) an operating division of Transnet Limited signs the second phase. Within this phase the supply of ISL's simulation packages as well as training and maintenance is contracted. TPT will use CHESSCON inhouse to optimize the operation at all Transnet container terminals.

January 2011
ISL Applications signs the Software evaluation agreement with NAVIS regarding the N4 Terminal Operating System (TOS). The business connector to N4 will be demanded for the greenfield terminal CTW in Wilhelmshaven. CTW will start operation in August 2012.

December 2010

South African Transnet Port Terminals an operating division of Transnet Limited signs a contract with ISL Applications GmbH. Within the first phase of this contract ISL Application will model Durban's Pier1 terminal with CHESSCON's Capacity and Simulation packages.

November 2010

Eurogate's Bremerhaven Terminal CTB receives the CHESSCON Virtual Terminal software product and starts the optimization of the internal operation based on the connection to the in-house TOS.

September 2010

Right after registration ISL Applications GmbH signs the first collaboration agreement with Total Soft Bank Ltd. (TSB), a global leading port and maritime IT solution provider. Both of companies expect that this partnership will give customers more options to tune their systems to achieve high productivity and efficiency through best practices and advanced technologies.

September 2010

On September 13th ISL Applications GmbH is registered in Bremerhaven under HRG 5554 BHV at the competent county court. ISL Applications will bring prototypes developed by ISL (Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics) to a product state. It will market and customize these software products and will offer training, consultancy services and maintenance of these products to the clients.