Akquinet port consulting GmbH is a subsidiary of the akquinet group in Hamburg/Germany former known as ISL Applications GmbH. 
ISL Applications was founded in 2010 as the commercial part of the internationally recognized Institute for Shipping Economics and Logistics (ISL). For more than 20 years, ISL has been specializing in optimization and simulation. Their systems have been utilized worldwide for optimizing container terminals, harbor planning and analyzing transportation networks.

Akquinet's flagship, the chesscon family for container terminals consists of

CHESSCON Terminal View, 3D visualisation of your terminal

CHESSCON Capacity, planning terminal's capacity

CHESSCON Simulation, planning and optimization of terminal's layout and processes

CHESSCON Virtual Terminal, testing and optimization of Terminal Operating Systems (TOS)

Furthermore we provide tools to support the planning
and optimizing of

crane operation

port call strategies

channel and port traffic

intermodal yard operation

Within these tools and studies more and more ecological topics (pollutant emission, noise, energy consumption) are in demand besides the topics of economy and efficiency.